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The new season kicks off 3 rounds. Judging from the current rookie performance, the 2020 draft is expected to be the year with the highest quality of rookies so far-with the 6th pick Jiao Engel's debut with 11 points, 20 years of draft The 2-6 of the team broke out in 3 rounds and played a masterpiece.


But something dazzling is that under the full explosion of the top five high-ranking shows, the number one pick, District Junxuan, only had 3 points in his first show, and he did not show extraordinary talent and ability. I don’t know if he can perform at a high level in the future. .

但令人眼花something乱的是,在前五场高级表演的全面爆发下,第一顺位区俊宣在首场表演中只得到3分,而他却没有表现出非凡的才华和能力。我不知道他将来是否可以发挥高水平的表现。 。

The No. 2 show Zhu Mingzhen made his debut with 16 points and 8 rebounds. His excellent outside shooting and good rebounding sense were highly praised by coach Guo Shiqiang. The latter said that a striker can get 8 rebounds, such a young man should be cultivated well.


No. 3 Xiu Lin Tingqian quickly settled in Tianjin's main position, and quickly scored 21 points. Judging from the sense of smell and ability to play on the field, this NCAA returning guard can be said to be a level higher than his teammates. Once the confrontation ability continues to improve, he is expected to become the core of Tianjin.


The No. 4 show Zhu Songwei, in the previous head-to-head confrontation with the top pick, Ou Junxuan, came off the bench for 27 minutes and 52 seconds. He scored 20 points and 7 assists on 7 of 14 shots and played the most amazing game of his CBA career. He also scored his first 20 points early in his career. In the Sichuan team, he will also get more opportunities.


The No. 5 show, Zheng Qilong, was controversial before, but in the first two games in Jiangsu, his scores surpassed the highest points of his college career. Rarely, he played better in CBA than CUBA. Excellent physical fitness and finishing ability, coupled with better teammates, gave birth to his progress.


The No. 6 pick Jiao Engel ushered in his first show in the third game. He scored 4 of 6 shots and scored 11 points and 8 rebounds. The attack and defense against Tao Hanlin, the small shark, was amazing several times. Considering Tong Xi's weak content reserves, he must have plenty of opportunities in the future.


Taking a comprehensive look, the situation of the number one pick, Ou Junxuan, is a bit bad-one is that he personally, his registered height is 2m10, but from the actual game process, there is some moisture, which also affects his inside line prospect. Second, considering the team's personnel reserves and performance pressure, he may have limited opportunities. In this strongest draft year, the prospect of the No. 1 pick is worrying.


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